In conjunction with Euro 2008 Footbal Tournament in Austria-Switzerland this June.
I and my friend Mr Right from will host a contest just for fun.

Euro Football Tournamnet is once in 4 years so why not make it happening and a lil football crazy . I know a lot of you guys will have less sleep and more MC this June hehe

Here is the thing; Just give us your prediction the winner of Euro 2008 and Top Goal Scorer of this tournament. Simple

1. Just submit your comment and give us your combination etc. Spain will win this Euro 2008 and Torres is the top scorer. You can eleborate more if you want such as why you think your team will win and your selected player is the best striker etc.
2. Provide your email and blog address (if you have one), so I could link you to my blog and contact you if you win.
3. If none of you get the combination right, we will choose the second best. Means,who ever choose it right either top scorer or country that win. If we have two or three people with one answer rite, we will compare head to head the performance of player or country each of the person choose. I hope it is clear for you.
4. No fees or subscribe to my feeds or click my ads . It is FREE and for FUN.

The Price

USD 25(thru PayPal) or approx RM 80 (local Bank) and a 125 x 125 card on my web for a month…

Hope you guys enjoy this contest and make it really happening for this Euro 2008. But no offence ok, since Italy will win and Luca Toni will be the top scorer heehe. Just wait and see .

p/s to England supporter, of course you can join but please don’t vote for England or Rooney hehehe


Contest Update:

1) Only ONE entry per person (I am trying to be fair)

2) Particapants cannot change their entry after submitting it
(So tell your friend to join in)

3) Final day for your entry is 19 June (Last Grouping Match),
so decide wisely :)


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